Terms & Conditions


  • All prices exclude GST and covers our time & expenses.
  • Additional travel, onsite & studio time is charged at $80+GST/hr or part thereof.
  • Payment must be made within 30 days of the date of invoice.
  • All images go through our standard editing process before delivery.
  • Additional editing is charged at our hourly rate or part thereof.
  • If you’re unhappy with our work we will reshoot at no cost providing the circumstances were within our control.
  • All images/video footage captured by our UAV’s is copyrighted to Sky High Photography Limited.  To use our footage you must have our express permission to do so or make payment for the work we’ve done.  If you use our work without permission or fail to make payment you are breaching copyright.
  • It is our company policy to forward all bad debts on to our debt collection agencies in order to recover them.
  • UAV operations take a minimum of 3½  hours to complete from start to finish depending on location.
  • All UAV operations include health & safety risk assessments plus air space clearance when applicable.
  • Due to ever changing weather patterns we reserve the right to postpone UAV operations until it is safe to fly.
  • All UAV operations are covered by public liability insurance.
  • UAV pilots must abide by the regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, more specifically parts 19 & 101 where a brief description is located on our UAV Capabilities page.

Terms & Conditions Of Engagement